About us

In January 2015 we made a short film about the vision behind the Elliot Foundation, which is the best introduction to the Elliot ethos.

We are a successful multi-academy trust specialising in the Primary sector. We are building a thriving community of converter and sponsored primary academies, that succeeds on behalf of its children and communities. We will maintain a family of autonomous schools that is uncompromising in its search for excellence as we strive to be the best academy chain in the UK.

Why specialising in primary schools?

We believe there is an urgent need to inject choice into the present converter and sponsor academy arrangements for primary schools and for a partner that understands and focuses exclusively on the unique role of primary education in improving the life chances of all children.

Why minimal intervention?

We demand high performance from our primary academy schools but we recognise that each school’s individual journey to success will differ based on its context. Consequently, we encourage diversity of approach and allow local governing bodies the freedom to manage in the best interests of their community unless schools are failing their children.

What services are offered to schools in the Elliot Foundation chain?

Together with our strategic partners we offer a comprehensive suite of services including: school improvement, professional and leadership development, finance, HR and payroll, legal, insurance, IT and MIS support, facilities and best practice primary academy estates management.

Where can I find more information about joining?

Please see our page on how to join our thriving family of schools via the converter or sponsored academy route.

Elliot Foundation Blogs

We constantly reflect on how we can do things better. We now have a blog for our Officers and Principals to think aloud and it can be found here . Equally, some of the Elliot Foundation officers also have their own personal blogs and whilst the the Trust does not endorse any of the views found in them you may find Hugh’s blog and Sue’s blog interesting.