An 'Outstanding' start to the new year at Parkfield Primary

Pupils and staff at Parkfield Primary in London start their new academic year basking in the glow of an OFSTED report which has judged their school to be, ‘Good with outstanding features’ little more than two years after it was placed in ‘Special measures’. Click here for the full report

OfSTED inspectors said:

  • The headteacher and other leaders, including governors, are ambitious and have a clear vision for the school. Their leadership has been effective in bringing about improvements in the quality of teaching and achievement of pupils, which are good. 

  • As a result of good teaching, pupils make good progress in reading, writing and mathematics from their low starting points. Standards at the end of Key Stages 1 and 2 are improving.

  • The early years provides an excellent start for children. The quality of teaching is outstanding, and children make outstanding progress from their low starting points. When the children leave the Reception, they are prepared well for Year 1.

  • The Elliot Foundation provides strong and highly effective support to the school. It ensures, for example, that leadership and management are strong and the quality of teaching is improving.

Headteacher Alison Holding, said,

“I am delighted for the Parkfield Community, especially the staff who have worked incredibly hard and transformed learning for our fantastic children”

Parkfield Primary joined leading primary academy chain, the Elliot Foundation, in August 2013. Chief Executive, Hugh Greenway, said,

“I am very proud of Alison, the staff and all the children at Parkfield. This brings the percentage of academies in the Elliot Foundation with outstanding features to 77% compared with 5% in 2012.”

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