Greenside Primary joins the Elliot Foundation

Today we welcomed Greenside Primary School in Hammersmith and Fulham into the Elliot Foundation family. At a delightful assembly to celebrate I was treated to an excerpt from ‘Happy Feet’ this term’s school show and the whole school sang ‘I’m a Believer’ after a select group of children read to me their thoughts on joining the foundation.

Greenside’s Poet Laureate, Imogen Docherty wrote the poem below to recognise the day.


The Elliot Foundation Wednesday 1st April 2015.

In the name of Baby Elliot

A Foundation was made

To bring Primary Schools together as a Team

As the family of Schools grow and grow

We help each other like friends

We work, learn and compete like siblings

Competitions made, performances held

Today Greenside joins the Trust

Taking its place proudly side by side

With students Nationwide

Creating a better world for us all to live in

In the name of Baby Elliot

By Imogen Docherty Poet Laureate

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