Latest graduates from Elliot MA programme with Warwick University

Over the last three years our academies have supported a partnership with the University of Warwick to complete an MA in ‘Educational Innovation’.

The MA is designed to enable staff to develop the skills and understanding needed to undertake innovation in their schools successfully. Depending on accreditation for prior learning, this has been either a two or a three year process. It has involved research methods, one or more action research projects and a final dissertation in their chosen specialism.

Congratulations to the following staff who have completed their degree this year. We are very proud of them!

Naomi Holdstock - Shireland Hall

Jonathan Mould - Shireland Hall

Claire Stringer - Shireland Hall

Maria Syropoulou - Shireland Hall

Danielle Parker - Shireland Hall

Rekha Rahal - Tiverton

Tammy Round - Tiverton

Mark Walsh - George Betts

Helen Gibson - George Betts

Emma Haldron - Rough Hay

Sean Hughes - George Betts

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