Leading Change in Maths through School to School Collaboration

The impact of joint working was clearly seen when Allan Shephard, the Principal of George Betts Primary Academy, was asked to work alongside leaders and teachers at Pinkwell Primary School. Allan mentored one teacher in each year group and this group became known as “maths champions”. He also worked with one specific year group, the aim being to develop subject knowledge, raise standards in teaching, develop mental strategies, implement the new maths curriculum and improve learning environments.

All the teachers involved in the six week project developed their understanding of teaching maths in a way that supported learners’ needs and ensured progression. The impact was seen in improved learning walls, the explicit teaching and learning of mental strategies and improved feedback on learning, it also served to help children deepen their mathematical understanding. The impact of Allan’s collaborative work was observed in lessons with all teachers improving their lesson grading positively by at least one grade. The maths champions will continue to support the development of maths as the maths leaders drive improvements in planning strategies, problem solving and snappy-maths across the whole school. The maths champions will also be visiting George Betts Primary Academy to continue their professional enquiry.

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