SATs results suggest 80% of TEFAT children reach level 4 or above in 2015, compared with 65% in 2013

This week all primary schools got their raw SAT results back from the Standards and Testing Agency. Over the next couple of months schools will check and challenge these results with the DfE to ensure that the appropriate children are included or excluded from the figures so that schools are not unfairly criticised or unfairly praised. For example children who arrive in a primary school from abroad without English as a first language after the beginning of year five are not included in the overall KS2 measures of attainment. Once this process is complete the DfE finalises the school performance tables which are then published in October.

The headline raw figure for children in Elliot Foundation schools is 74% of children achieved a level 4 or above in reading, writing and mathematics. Last year the raw figure was 69%. Last year the final ‘validated’ figure for the Elliot Foundation was 75% (an uplift of 6 percentage points from the raw figure) and we confidently expect that our final figure for this year will be 80%. Clearly the process of validation is an uncertain one and the final figure could be anywhere between 78% and 82% but we didn’t think you should wait until October to hear.

This year’s OFSTED results have also been exceptional. Five out of seven inspections found outstanding leadership & management and none was inadequate, which takes the overall OFSTED success rate since the creation of the Eliot Foundation to 42% outstanding in all categories, 75% outstanding leadership, 83% Good or better, 17% RI and 0% Inadequate. Taken together with the improvement in attainment, which has risen from 65% to 80% (predicted) over three years, this is a very strong record of sustained school improvement. We are very proud of all of our children, teachers and schools!

We have asked the children at Greenside Primary to put together a film about this year’s results which we will publish on our YouTube channel next week.

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