Well done to all

What an incredible year! Although the validated SATs scores won’t be confirmed until next term we thought we’d celebrate before the year six children who achieved them have actually left the building.

The 6,000 children in Elliot Foundation Schools are: - Four times the national average for English as an Additional Language (51% EAL) - Three times the national average for Free School Meals (50% FSM) - Drawn from the most deprived quintile in the country (81st percentile for multiple deprivation)

And yet these wonderful children: - Have made exceptional progress with 42%, 39% and 36% respectively making three or more levels of progress in reading, writing and mathematics - Exceeded the national average in the main Key Stage 2 performance target (Elliot Foundation average L4+ RWM 76% vs 2013 National average 75%)

All of our schools have done well but particular recognition should be given to: - Jo Djora and all the children at the Hyde School, Barnet whose L4+ RWM rose from 61% to 92% - Karen Crawley and all at Ramnoth Junior School, Wisbech who must be in the hunt for one of the most improved schools in the country with L4+ RWM rising from 18% to 66% - Allan Shephard and all at George Betts Primary in Sandwell where L4+ RWM went from 63% to 90%

On behalf of all the trustees and directors I should like to say how proud we are of all these children and thank you to all their teachers.

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