What could be better than sunshine? A third outstanding judgement for Wisbech!

Less than two years ago OfSTED inspectors visited Ramnoth Junior School in Wisbech for the second time since the school had been placed in Special Measures and found that the school ‘was not making progress’. At about the same time the school learned that fewer than 1 in 5 of the children who left in the summer of 2013 had achieved level four or above in reading writing and mathematics.

Today Ramnoth is a school transformed. Pupils, staff, governors and everyone at the Elliot Foundation are overjoyed that OfSTED has recognised it as a good school with outstanding leadership and management. Click here for the full report This summer 70% of year six children should attain level four or higher in all three core subjects.

OfSTED inspectors said:

• Outstanding leadership and management have vastly improved the quality of teaching, pupils’ achievement and behaviour since the academy opened. The academy is continuing to improve rapidly. 
 • Teaching is good throughout the academy. Teachers know pupils’ needs well and give them work that is suitably challenging. They explain things clearly to pupils and show them just what they need to do to succeed. 

• The academy manages the quality of teaching extremely well 

• Academy staff make excellent use of information about pupils’ progress to address any shortcomings in achievement and to give pupils work that is challenging but manageable. The rigorous system, developed by the trust, to assess and record pupils’ progress against new national requirements has been central to this success. 

• The academy provides a wide-ranging curriculum that, while giving suitable emphasis to mathematics and English, develops pupils’ skills and understanding effectively in other subjects. There is excellent support for pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development. This has transformed pupils’ behaviour and 
attitudes to learning since the academy opened.

Headteacher, Karen Crawley said,

“This is perfect end of term present. The children and staff have all worked so hard together. I am particularly pleased that the report highlights the transformation in children’s attitudes to learning because this was the key to their success”

Ramnoth Junior School joined the Elliot Foundation, in October 2013. Chief Executive, Hugh Greenway, said,

“I am in awe of what Karen and her team have achieved at Ramnoth. It is one of the most improved schools in the country. I have said before that Karen is the personification of the Elliot approach that success starts with believing in children and schools and I am very proud to work with her. This is her third outstanding leadership judgement in less than six months, and our ninth in less than a year, which has to be close to a transformational record.”

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