11 Golden Rules

Hugh Greenway

…it was only 8 when we started this

The Elliot Foundation is built on positivity. We believe that given a chance people will perform. There is no set ‘type’ although being ginger clearly doesn’t harm your chances… But there are a few norms that we expect you to be aware of:

Show up.

We are not a clock-watching organisation. Please don’t make us become one. We trust you to put in the hours you are paid to work. We are a charity funded from the public purse. We need to be smarter, faster and more resilient simply to survive.

Be nice wherever and whenever possible.

It costs you nothing. When answering the phone announce your name, the organisation’s name and some form of greeting. Try to smile when on the phone. It makes you sound more approachable.

Be creative.

Don’t do something just because you have been told to. If you can see a better way, suggest it. And don’t give up if your first idea isn’t implemented.

Make work fun.

We know it can sometimes be tedious.

Respect your colleagues.

People are allowed to be different, as are you!

Trust each other.

Trust is earned but start from a position of optimism rather than skepticism.

Keep going.

There will be difficult days. When stuff happens and everyone around you seems to be on a different wavelength. Just keep going.

Be a team player… and manage your manager.

We are all part of the same gang. If one part fails, we all fail.

Think before you communicate.

Think first, talk second, write last. Pick up non-verbal clues, how is the other person feeling? Have they understood? If you have to email, follow TEFAT email protocol

Forgive yourself and others.

At least twice a day. We all make mistakes. Admit them and move on. Everyone deserves a chance.

Be prepared to change.

If you can do most of the above, you will be part of the solution and not part of the problem. None of us wants to be part of the problem.

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