Billesley Primary School

Billesley Primary School, which has 650 places, a 39 place Nursery and a 12 place Autism unit, is a welcoming school with high standards of achievement through exciting and creative teaching and learning. The school is located to the south of Birmingham, 3 miles from the City Centre and serves a diverse local community. The school works in close partnership with local organisations, creative practitioners and local residents to ensure that our children get the highest quality education so that they will continue to enjoy learning throughout their lives. We are committed to making each child’s experience at school unique and making sure that everything we do best meets the needs of our children and our community.

Our objective is to achieve excellence in all aspects of school life, from a wide range of inspiring learning opportunities to our excellent catering service and from the warm welcome you receive on entering the school to the highest possible standards of academic excellence. Our strategy is to develop people - through the knowledge and commitment of our staff, through challenge and support to our children and through working in partnership with our community to see education as the essential route to success in life. Our mission statement is to: ‘Inspire our children to succeed, Create excitement for learning, Achieve excellence’.

Billesley Primary School is committed to achieving excellence in all aspects of school life. Our vision is to inspire our children to succeed, create excitement for learning and so achieve excellence.We have a strong belief in the importance of determination, perseverance, team work and trust, and we are committed to challenging inequality in any form through an inclusive ethos. Our aim is to make learning enjoyable, allowing every individual to achieve their best and to nurture their talents, as well as giving them safety, security and the skills they will need to be active, responsible citizens and happy, caring adults in the future.  

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