Shirestone Academy

Shirestone Community Primary School, which is 6 miles to the East of Birmingham city centre, was founded in 1953 as a mixed-gender primary school. It is now a vibrant school with an intake of 236 pupils. It is now known as Shirestone Academy. Under the leadership of Nadeem Bashir the school has a family and community ethos, and there is a belief that every child can achieve. Staff at Shirestone Academy are the best. We believe in a shared vision, a good quality continued professional development programme, and an ethos of care for each other and the children. Work with parents has also been of paramount importance to us with a focus on an ‘open door’ policy. Parents feel confident to approach members of staff in the school and become active in developing and nurturing the education of their own child. We often invite parents in to be part of the learning so that this continues outside the classroom and children are given the best possible chance for achievement. In addition core subjects such as Maths, Writing and Reading have all been a key focus in order to ensure raised standards of recent years are maintained and indeed exceeded. Our Phonic teaching has been a particular focus as this is where we firmly believe children will develop the skills for reading and writing.

Shirestone Academy now has a vibrant programme of extra-curricular sports and creative groups. We aim high, challenge ourselves and our thinking and exceed our expectations. We aim to become a center of excellence in Tile Cross where all the children will have the highest expectations of themselves, both in their work, achievements and behaviour. This will be reflected in the commitment of staff, governors and parents who work with the pupils and in the school to achieve its aims. We will continue to improve our environment internally and externally so that we reflect the pride, which we have in our school and the value we place on ourselves.

Come and visit Shirestone Academy and let the children tell you about their love for learning and the academy.

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